Galaxy Nexus Sees Improved Screen Performance

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone no doubt has a stunning and sexy display to the casual Android user. However, there are some crafty individuals who believe you can always squeeze out just a little more from what you have. That’s why XDA Forums member mumchristmas was out to improve the display for interested Galaxy Nexus owners. He was curious of the actual screen performance of the phone, so he decided to do some investigating. Using the Voodoo Screen Test application, a x-rite i1 Display 2 Color meter and HCFR software, he found some startling results:

  • “Average Gamma value is about 1.9, far from the ISO stand 2.2. So the color is just too bright (I’m not saying screen brightness).
  • The shadow part (0-40% gray level) of 3 color curve were almost out of trim. In another words, inaccurate color balance.
  • As the color unbalance. The color temperature is starting from lower than 5500K to 6500K, which the ISO stand is 6500K at any color level.”

To sum it all nicely: the results are underwhelming to say the least, but he decided to do something about this. While he couldn’t change the gamma value, he fixed the color balance and color temperature by using a custom kernel with ColorControl function and added a new file to the Android structure. The outcome was a much better color balance. Exciting news indeed. Be sure to hit up the XDA Forums at the link below to find out even more specifics of this impressive find.

source: XDA Forums
via: XDA

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